FormulaFlex™ Program

FormulaFlex™ Program Offers Personal Choice

At Formula, we have dynamically altered our manufacturing process to meet each customer’s desire to express their creativity in a highly flexible and customizable way. They want their experience to be exactly as they dream it. While many companies cannot handle personalization, Formula addresses this demand to make dream boats happen. Only at Formula is it all about choice, individuality and personalization. FormulaFlex™ is an exclusive program developed by Formula Boats that offers individual personalization in key areas such as graphics, upholstery and electronics.

FormulaFlex™ changes are all available at no cost to the customer, and if something is desired beyond those offerings, FormulaFlex MyWay™ allows for further upgrades.

FormulaFlex™ Individual Personalization

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Our FormulaFlex™ Videos

Hull & Outboard Design

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Upholstery & Cabin Décor

FormulaFlex™ also allows you to mix and match upholstery base, accent and piping colors to your individual preference for a completely one-of-a-kind look. Formula doesn’t stop there. Offerings in the cabin are also interchangeable. With a wide range of cabin materials and surfaces, any cabin can be smartly personalized, from bedspread, pillow and drapery fabrics to cabinetry and Corian® offerings.

FormulaFlex MyWay™ gives additional options to discerning customers regarding their cockpit upholstery and cabin décor. Customers can work with Formula’s upholstery design specialist on custom renderings when selecting unique color combinations for their cockpit. Formula has an extensive library of vinyl colors for the customer to select from. MyWay in the cabin allows for approved material upgrades and additional cabin changes through working with MyWay specialists.

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Electronics & Helm Layout

The FormulaFlex™ program now also lets the customer personalize electronics and helm layout. Customers can optimize their dash panel gauges and electronics layout according to their personal preferences. A dash panel specialist will generate a personalized layout for customer approval, which is then cut in-house on CNC routers. FormulaFlex MyWay™ allows for customers to request special electronics options not regularly offered by Formula, and the Formula electronics engineer works personally with the customer on approved upgrades specific to their boat.

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